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It’s all about fun… Extreme Sheepherding, Border Collies and Corgis!

yoristamp3When I think of fun, I think really cute dog paw car magnets from Fun Car Tattoos.  Though… this week I went to the Wine Country Corgi party and that was total fun.  I counted 52 of those little devil dogs, including my dog Yori – the cutest one of the bunch!   A good time was had by all – and some of the corgis got to try out their hand at sheepherding.

But even my corgi can’t hold a candle to these border collies.  Check out this video! You won’t believe that it’s dogs and sheep!

Jo Anne


pawillustratorforblogP.S.  And don’t forget to check out these fun dog paw car magnets!


It’s all about fun!

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