I had always said… If I could find a product that I loved, I would manufacture and market it.

It would have to be something totally cute, that came in fun colors and would make me smile just thinking about it. And… it would have to benefit a greater good. (After all… I was a Peace Corps volunteer in my younger years!)

My friends, Allison and Marc, gave me some very cute dog paw magnets for my birthday. They were darling but… I knew that I wanted smiley faces for my car, too! And then I wanted a cute bike and then I wanted something cute from Sonoma County and…

Well, you get the message. One thing led to another and I had to start designing them myself.

The next big challenge was figuring out how to “share the wealth.” I called some of my favorite nonprofits (Canine Companions for Independence, the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition and the YWCA of Sonoma County) and asked if they would like to receive 5% of the sales price of certain magnets. They were thrilled (of course!) and the rest is history!

So… I set up this blog to have fun AND to sell Fun Car Tattoos! What a win-win situation! Let’s hope we can make it happen!

Jo Anne (smile)

P.S. Thought you’d like a picture of Yori and me with our Fun Car Tattoos!

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It’s all about fun!

Put a smile on your face... And your car too!
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