Peace Symbol Car Magnets!

peacejpgHurray!  We have a new president!  Awesome!!!!  And… maybe there is some hope for Peace.  Wouldn’t that be great!?!?!  I, for one, am hoping that Peace is in the air!

I’m also hoping that other people think so too and want to put Peace Symbol magnets on their cars.  Look no further than Fun Car Tattoos for some really cute peace symbol car magnets.  A set of  3 peace symbol car magnets sells for just $8!  What a bargain.

Do you know the history of the Peace Symbol?  If not, read on!

The now universal symbol for peace is actually a symbolic representation of the semaphore flag alphabet. It is a combination of two different letters “N” and “D.” The original group to use the symbol as their logo was the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). The BBC adds that the circle around the symbol is a representation of the world. The peace sign made its way into the psychedelic United States of the sixties and the rest is history. Unfortunately, the world is still armed.


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