A Nation of Whiners?

Are we a nation of whiners?

Well, that might be what Phil Gramm says but I don’t believe it for a second! In fact, I think that we need to stand up to Phil and say WE ARE NOT A NATION OF WHINERS!

And to show him we mean it, let’s put No Whining signs on our cars, on our refrigerators, on our white boards… Well, you get the message.

Want to know where to get No Whining magnets for your car? Check out Fun Car Tattoos! Not only are there No Whining magnets, but they also have peace symbol car magnets, dog paw car magnets and lots more.

And even better, 5% of the sales price of the peace symbols goes to the Safe House of the YWCA of Sonoma County AND 5% of the sales price of the dog paw magnets goes to Canine Companions for Independence!


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